10 Creative Christmas Packaging Box Ideas You'll Love

10 Creative Christmas Packaging Box Ideas You'll Love

People love to exchange gifts and baked goods in Christmas boxes with loved ones at this most joyful time of year. It's easy to get a perfect variety of these boxes for your next function from among the many available options. There are a wide variety of boxes available. You can get eye-catchy designs such as gable boxes with ribbon or die-cut handles. Each box has a stunning design that will leave a lasting impression on the recipients. For example, using green or red colours gives off the event's real aura.


Everyone knows how competitive most online retailers become around the holiday season. Customers are swarming stores, and website traffic is over the sky. So it's smart to be ahead of the game and get your packing ready for Christmas. So, your product packaging is one of those things that you should prepare in advance. Here you'll find several suggestions for your Christmas boxes designs that you will love:  

  1. Christmas Boxes with Festive Hues

There is no way to wrap Christmas boxes without hinting at the contents' hues. Christmas occurs amidst winter when it is dark and cold outside. Certain colours have deep connections with the holiday. Colours like green and red signify optimism and good fortune. Moreover, gold reflects the warmth of the fire that carries us through the long, dark winter, and white stands for innocence. For example, you can add a splash of red and green to basic or even elegant Christmas gift boxes. It will bring everything to life and quickly put you in the holiday spirit.  

  1. Create a Black and Gold Blend

Everyone still loves those cheesy reindeer and Santa ornaments with a splash of red, green, or white colour. However, Christmas is no longer a time for such decorations. Businesses selling online or in shops compete to develop the most eye-catching Christmas packaging boxes for their products. One method to grab attention is to pair bold colours like black and gold. The combination of black's class and simplicity with gold's richness and allure is striking. Those two colours can also elevate even the most basic pattern gift boxes to a higher level of elegance. 

  1. Rustic Patterns

The organic feel and simple elegance of rustic decor are two of its key traits. Rustic designs are flexible enough to be used in many different product lines. It's because they provide charm to virtually anything you look at. This earthy brown colour also looks great with other monochrome hues, including white, black, grey, and gold. They can look stunning without any elaborate Christmas decor at all. Put on a bow, or use printed tape with a holiday design and your logo, and you're good to go. In addition, the best part is that you can easily make your cheap Christmas boxes with a rustic look and feel.

  1. Create 3D Christmas Boxes with Embossing 

Further, embossing and de-bossing are excellent methods of putting your company's visual icons to work for you. Embossing is a great option for more luxurious brands. It's a printing method for making a flat box's surface look three-dimensional. Including such a new texture on the box's surface will appeal to the sense of touch. You can combine this method with hot stamping to create unique and visually appealing designs for printed Christmas boxes.

  1. Hot Stamping To Increase Boxes' Allure

Research shows that the shiny and tactile qualities created through embossing and hot stamping work well in attracting buyers' attention. A report by analysts also shows that the aesthetics of a product packaging are important to 72 per cent of customers. By using hot stamping, you can apply a glowing foil to a specific area of the pattern. An innovative, high-shine pattern piece is the result. Give your brand's logo or name a hot-stamped texture, or design a unique festive logo using hot stamping. Thus, you can also enhance the printed lettering on your holiday custom boxes with a hot-stamped lining.

  1. Create a Hash Tag in the Spirit of Christmas

Printing a holiday hashtag on the gift boxes can entice consumers to share their purchases online. Using the packaging in this way is a smart marketing move. Gather your customers together, and let them try out the new packaging you've designed. Many famous companies, Starbucks included, have employed this tactic. Stickers, including a hashtag, are another option. You can buy these holiday stickers from almost anywhere. Also, there are plenty of online services that will let you make and print your own.

  1. Decorate Boxes with Stickers 

Stickers are versatile little pieces that can go just about any place. You can add a "Merry Christmas" message or a small holiday symbol to your cheap Christmas boxes design. Stickers are another option for printing out your brand and giving it some extra visibility. It's a plus for the client and increases your brand image.

  1. Custom Inserts and Partitions 

Are you someone who appreciates orders? There are probably people who fall into that category among your clientele. That's why a box with custom dividers inside will be so well received. Those inexpensive cardboard packaging inserts improve package security and durability. Therefore, the contents will arrive intact and in proper order. In addition to tailor-made inserts, there are other options. Choose an alternate form of packaging if your product is too little, such as a single candle jar. Thus, some excellent options include a rigid box with a lid or a drawer box with a sliding bottom.

  1. Print inside the Packaging 

Your customers have high expectations for the first time they open one of your printed Christmas boxes. So how can you ignite such passion? Having a small message printed on the inside of the box is one option. Start a conversation with your customer and build some interest in your goods by doing so. Make it easy for the consumer to learn about your product by guiding them through its design. Instead, you can simply publish a message telling them how they are valuable to you. 

  1. Add a DIY Twist 

Who says you have to make efforts to create memorable custom boxes alone? At Christmas, it's all about the little personal touches. Let the person, who receives your box, make it even more enjoyable by adding their personal touches. You can leave it up to the imagination of your customers. How so? Send them a Christmas tree branch or a small pouch filled with stickers.

Final Words 

These creative Christmas box ideas are simple and easy to use. However, some of them need expert help and the latest technology to achieve the best results. Such as embossing and hot stamping are among the best packaging design ideas. Thus, someone only equipped with the proper tools can create these designs. All other options are easy to implement and require minimal skill. So, just use your creativity to create the perfect packaging for Christmas.