6 Surprising Facts About Gift Card Boxes Hat You Can Not Learn From Books

6 Surprising Facts About Gift Card Boxes Hat You Can Not Learn From Books

The gift card boxes are the best-known packaging options. They are durable and robust solutions that also come with friction lock top closure. This helps in the protection of gift cards that otherwise can get damaged. These packages are highly popular in the marketplace. They make sure to provide a lot of benefits to users. Learn the interesting facts about these boxes that one cannot learn from the books. 

Highly cost-effective

The name depicts that cardboard boxes are made out of cardboard material. Experts manufacture cardboard from natural resources. These are manufactured from the pulping of woodchips. This way, cardboard is obtained. These materials are readily available in the market industry and that too at pretty affordable prices. Even after adding the manufacturing cost of the boxes, the total amount does not exceed the expensive side.

They are an economical option which everyone can easily afford. Besides this, the manufacturing company of these boxes also allows offers like wholesale. According to this option, one can avail of additional discounted prices on getting bulk quantities of packages. Businesses make the best out of such offers. They need a large number of boxes for packaging purposes. So, they buy and stock them in advance. 

Helps in brand recognition

Not only common people but businesses are also using these kinds of custom packaging. On the occasion of valentines and other such occasions, brands need to put a positive image in the real world. For that purpose, they give out free gift cards to their customers. These gift cards are packed inside the boxes which have printable surfaces. By using that option, businesses imprint the basic information and their logo on the surface of the packaging. This way, boxes act as a tool for brand recognition. When people get to see these imprinted boxes, they learn more about the nature of the business. This technique helps in easy and cost-effective marketing. With this strategy, businesses gain new clients and generate more revenue.  

Leave a striking first impression

The boxes have special cards that are pre-loaded with money. People give out these cards to their loved ones on special occasions. They also want to leave a striking first impression on recipients. That is why they use custom boxes. These boxes allow printing options through which one can make them look enticing. People add exciting artwork or graphical illustrations to make them appear more stunning. Also, some people opt for imprinting the name of the recipient through hot foil stamping. Such things help in giving out a striking first impression on the audience.  

Nature-friendly options

The custom gift card boxes are environmentally friendly packaging options. This fact has made them one of the most lovable packaging solutions. These boxes manufacture from materials like cardboard and corrugated.

All these materials are climate-friendly. They are either recyclable or biodegradable, or both. They do not cause any kind of waste, so they do not contribute to pollution. In the environment, microorganisms degrade them pretty easily. They help in creating a more sustainable environment for the next generations. That is why people following a green campaign loves using these boxes.  

Easy to customize

These boxes allow vast customization options. Customization and modification are just other intriguing features of these boxes which have made them more famous. People love to get them because they are customizable. You can acquire them in distinctive shapes, customized sizes, and unique designs. For example, to give a sneak peek of the packed card, you can add a die-cut window. This gives a little transparency to the package and makes it look elegant. Anyhow, these boxes are famous because of their customization properties.  

Water and moisture-resistant packaging

One of their aspect which has made them stand out among all the other packaging is their water-resistant nature. These boxes are moisture, oil, grease, and water-resistant packaging solutions. Experts apply spot UC lamination on their surfaces which makes them resistant to water. This way, the packed items stay protected and secure. The printed information also retains for a longer period and does not fade away because of moisture. Other finishing coats are also available that you can use to make them look distinctive yet stunning.  

Due to these features, gift card boxes are considered the best option for packaging. These packages are accessible to all people. You can use them for some formal event or even for a personal gathering. Their high quality and beautiful appearances always make sure to impress the audience. Almost every manufacturing company is making these boxes, so you can easily get them.