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7 Ideas To Create Unique Designs For Lip Balm Boxes In Tight Budget

Posted On: Dec-02-2019  By: Max Leed

Lip balm is used to seal the moisture in lips and prevent external dryness from affecting the skin. These products are regularly used in almost all types of seasons by numerous people, and that is why enormous brands are producing them. These different companies make their items distinctive and stand out in the crowd by using lip balm boxes. These encasements are present in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, and colours. They can also be customized in infinite ways through which their beauty enhances, and they become more acceptable to the target audience. In this way, they might prove to be vital for the growth and success of the business.

Creative designs in the low budget:

In this age, the competition among numerous brands or organizations has been expanded to such a great extent that simple techniques or strategies can not inspire the buyers. Instead, there is a dire need to exhibit creativity so that the target audience might be stimulated at first sight and are compelled to make a purchase. But it must also be kept in mind that the primary aim of running any business is to earn a large amount of capital.

If the creative modifications on lip balm packaging boxes are out of the range of companies' budget, then they would not be able to thrive in the market. Hence, it is the need of the hour to exhibit innovative styles but keeping them in a tight budget. Several such designs can be realized at an affordable price. Some of them are explained below.

Flip-top case:

The whole cosmetic industry is progressing by leaps and bounds in the era due to the immense utilization of its products by a large number of people. They like to apply these items almost daily to make themselves look glorious and dignified in the crowd. Lip balm is an essential product of this industry. It plays a vital role in healing dryness of lips and giving them a moisturized and glowing look. They are required to be packed in such a way that the creativity of the company or organization is exhibited and that too, at an affordable price.

This can be done by using flip-top cases that are extraordinarily facilitative and are opened by simply flipping the top end by hand. Lip balm is mostly packed in plastic sticks, but these sticks are vulnerable to damage due to accidental falls because of the brittle and fragile nature of plastic. Hence, cardboard is used to protect them. It is an extremely sturdy substance and can be transformed into any size and shape.

This sort of makeup packaging is stylish as well as cheap in cost because cardboard is readily available in the market at an extremely affordable price. Various types of colours can also be applied to them to make them look even more attractive and pleasing for the observers.

Letterbox design:

As the name indicates, this style is similar to a letterbox that is hung outside the homes. The lower part of these cosmetic boxes has a hollow space in which any required number of items can be placed.Usually, a transparent sheet of plastic is placed at this part that can easily be lifted to get the products out of the case. This distinctive style is also less in price and can be obtained from several manufacturing companies at an extremely affordable price.

Adding a window:

It is a well-known fact that people always feel happy and satisfied when they can observe or analyze the products of their choice. Other than that, the display value or shelf value of products can also be raised by this method to a great extent. This can be done with great ease by adding a window on the surface of the case.

This window is straightforward to be created, and all that is required is to cut a specific piece of matter and to place a clean sheet of silicone at this part. These sorts of cosmetic products packaging are an expression of uniqueness due to which the target audience is highly inspired and fascinated.

Using a die-cut sticker:

Even though the creation of a window is effortless and affordable, the same purpose can also be achieved by using a die-cut sticker. These stickers are readily available in the market in numerous colours and designs.They have a sticky inner side due to which they can easily be applied at any desired surface. These stickers can be used to the lip balm boxes to enhance the display value of products elegantly and stylishly.

Sliding cover case:

A sliding cover case usually is comprised of two essential parts, an upper and a lower. The main items are packed in the lower layer, while the top tier acts as a cover. The beauty product is obtained by simply pulling or pushing the lower part to any side.

This stylish design is most commonly accomplished by using cardboard, paper board, or Kraft, and thus, they can easily be fabricated at a little cost.

Using a gift box style:

Cosmetic items are incredibly dear to users, and they prove to be an excellent option to be presented as gifts. Hence, there is a requirement of a gift box style so that they can be given to the beloved person in the most appropriate manner.

This is done by rolling the container in a stylish and colourful gift paper and then binding a ribbon at the upper end in such a way that a gift knot is formed on the upper part.

Stylish folding cases:

Another creative and unique way to make lip balm packaging boxes in a tight budget is the stylish folding cases. These cases can be manufactured from any material, including plastic, cardboard, or even metal, depending upon the budget.

They are transformed in such a way that the opening operates through a folding style. They are beautifully coloured by using the latest printing technologies that are also reasonable in price.=