7 Little Tricks To Achieve The Optimum Results In Pie Boxes

7 Little Tricks To Achieve The Optimum Results In Pie Boxes

Custom Pie boxes

Ignoring the demand for Pie boxes is impossible. These are one of the fast-selling products and a need for all bakers in general. On festivals and occasions, many home bakers are looking for the custom printed pie boxes that inflow a huge demand and put pressure on production units. At this stage, they have to consider a number of options to make the boxes production efficient, fast, and enough to meet demands.

Keeping the price low and quality high is one of the major challenges that production units have to face in general. There are certain production tricks that can help the bulk producers and digital producers of custom boxes. Using these little tricks, you cannot only make more boxes but reduce the production cost on each batch. It will lead you to sell quality boxes at cheap prices with better profit.

Proper size distribution

To make the custom pie boxes production efficient the first thing you need to focus on is the size distribution. You can yield a specific quantity from one cardboard sheet. The number of boxes per sheet depends on the size of the boxes. You need to pick up the ideal size options for the sheets so there will be more boxes per sheet. Moreover, keep the boxes borders with a lesser free margin so there will be a lesser waste of sheet and you will get enough size of the boxes. Strategized distribution of sizes on the sheet will help you to have the best outcomes.

Design that needs fewer cuttings

Some of the cardboard boxes design some with a lot of cutting spaces. To acquire the right shape of the pie boxes you need to put many cuts in it. The cutting causes you to waste a lot of sheets and reduce the number of boxes per sheet. It will automatically increase the production cost and reduce the number of boxes you are producing at one time. Selecting a design that does not require much cutting will help you to make a difference in the production strategy. It will make the job easier and avoid any wastage of the cardboard sheet.

Keeping colors simple

To save cost on your custom printed boxes and making them efficient in the pocket, there is a trick of colors to consider. Using vibrant and opposite family colors will cause you more cost and coloring issues as well. The best way to make your production efficiency is to keep the colors simple and one tone. It is possible to play with different shades and tone of one color but getting opposite colors in canvas increases its costing. Multiple colors will cost you multiple printing layers for the pie boxes and your production time will be longer.

Use of film inside

Efficient production is not just about creating more boxes; you need to provide quality boxes for the bakery products. We focus on the overall manufacture and material of the box. Using the film coverage lining inside the box will help you to make it durable.

Such boxes are even better to deal with the food packaging efficiently. You do not have to worry about any leakage, breakage, or anything in general. It is simply the right way to make the pie boxes long-lasting.

Easy to cut shapes

Most of your effort in the custom boxes is one of their cutting. After printing, you need to cut each box as its perfect size and shape. Right after cutting, it needs to be molded or have imprints to get the proper shaping. Pick up the shapes of boxes that are easy to cut. Most of the square shape boxes are convenient with cutting and molding. You just have to get the right size and cut all the boxes in a giant cutter. For massive production units is seems easy to have shape cutters for the bulk orders.

Bundle production

When you want to keep the cost control and have more out of your production unit then pick up the bundle projects. Bulk production always come up with more benefits and gives you a better productivity margin. The custom printed boxes are commonly printed in bulk. It helps the units to work efficiently and get the job done at the minimum prices. The bakers prefer to have more boxes for their business as they are going to sell their products using these pie boxes. Therefore, bulk production can be helpful for everyone in the business.

Do one size at a time

While printing the pie boxes for food packaging you should do the boxes of one size at a time. In case, you need to prepare four different sizes inboxes. Start with one size at a time. Complete one size numbers first and then more to others.

It will help you to get the maximum and a good number of boxes from one sheet. Getting multiple sizes of boxes from one sheet at a time will increase your cost, time, and waste more material. Moreover, you may have to change the printer and cutter settings for every single box. Keep the production format in line and save your time, energy, and cost.