7 Tricks About Wine Boxes That Must Be Implemented For Powerful Branding

7 Tricks About Wine Boxes That Must Be Implemented For Powerful Branding

Define the Target Audience

To start the process of branding, the first and foremost thing to know is your target audience. Customers of what stature you are going to target will decide how your branding would look like and how much would you invest in it. Once you have the idea about the customers, who are going to buy your wine boxes you can design them exactly according to their choice.

Custom Printing

Food packaging always needs good custom printing to incorporate important details of the product. Getting your cardboard wine boxes custom printed will make sure that the customers know what they are buying. Custom printing has a certain smoothness to it and adds value to the branding of the wine.

Cardboard wine boxes are most prevalent these days and the material is very print-friendly. Every detail of the design will get printed accurately. Printed wine boxes look modern too.


A logo is the backbone of branding. The colors of the box and design will base on it. Everything else that will go on your cardboard wine boxes will be corresponding to the logo. The logo of the wine brand should be classy and stylish just like the wine itself.There should be extensive research on the font before using one for the final logo.

The fond should be modern yet classy but it should not be too complicated. The readability of the font is very significant otherwise; all the efforts are going to go to waste. The placement of the logo on the wine box packaging should be prominent too. Never settle for less while designing the logo because it can cost you in the form of fewer sales.

Visual Experience

You need to pay some special attention to the visual experience of the customer and should be never less than a bottle of fine wine. Wine is a premium drink so the colors used in the branding including designs should give that premium feel too.

Always hire a professional designer for this job. Go for intricate and geometric designs. The different your branding design is the better impact it will have on the customers. You are getting custom wine boxes so do not worry about how it will turn out as the packaging companies are experts at doing their job. Ask your designer to make something unconventional. Something that says it is a wine box but also excited customers with the uniqueness of the design.


As we said earlier, every wine has a story and that story needs to be told. Copywriting is the small piece of information that goes on the custom wine boxes made for the product. It should be short and sweet so the customer reads it with attention. Get creative with writing and think out of the box. The customers’ interest in knowing your story lies in the conscience of it.
Hire a professional copywriter so there is no chance of going wrong with it. Every effort you put into to fine branding of wine boxes counts.


While getting custom printed boxes another thing that can elevate the branding is typography. If you are wondering what it is then let us tell you, ‘typography is the visual aspect of whatever is written on the custom printed boxes. Typography decides that what would be the final look of copywriting and all other important information.
It plays a huge role in branding. It influences the final choice of the customer. The fonts you choose and how they go on the custom boxes make a whole lot of impact on branding and you should be using the most out of it. The class of wine we have been talking about should be looked after here too. For example, the typography of McDonald’s can be recognized from far away and it also depicts the fun and casual aspect of the fast-food chain.

UX (User Experience)

The user experience starts even before the customer thinks about buying your product. Ux plays a huge role in food packaging. It is that wherever customers see your custom wine box packaging, they feel like it is made for them and they need to get it.

If you can think of a brand that you see and feel like buying it then trust us, they are doing their job very well. You need the same feeling in your customer when they look at your custom printed boxes. The connection with the customer is very crucial to the business and if your wine has it then you must be doing it right. Wine can turn out to be a vastly profitable business. If you are willing to follow all the above-given branding rules then we have good news for you that you are all set to have the strongest wine branding in town.