Five Common Obstacles That Everyone Faces While Printing Custom Wine Boxes

Five Common Obstacles That Everyone Faces While Printing Custom Wine Boxes

Custom Wine boxes

For many occasions, events and parties, wine has been a perfect gift to give your close ones. Dear ones love receiving the wine, and many consider it a lovely favor from family or friends. If someone loves giving wine in parties, the receiver appreciates it by opening the bottle in the event.

Not only for informal or family gatherings, but wine is also a considerable gift in professional meetings. It is popular to take the wine in a gift bag and hand it to the receivers in a bag, but there are more options available. Wine is a luxury gift option, so does wine in beautiful packaging.

Wine boxes are attractive options to take wine in for the home, office, or party. Wine often comes in a problematic glass bottle to handle and take care of, even on small distances. Custom printed wine boxes help to secure the wine bottle and give it an eye-striking look.

Why consider using wine boxes?
There are many types of wine boxes available in the market. You can order wine boxes online to package your bottles with your style. There are some tips to consider while ordering wine packaging.


Consider the material of Wine boxes. Cardboard packagings are most famous for all the things and gift packaging. It gives protection from breakage and damages and also protects the product from environmental effects during shipment.

Cardboard boxes also can customize vastly. Other options for wine packaging include wood boxes. It is considered a lavish style to pack wine bottles.


There are many designs in wine boxes. For protection, shipment, or wine boxes gift packaging, you can customize the package according to your needs. Corrugated and cardboard packaging is stuff with material to protect wine bottles from damages. The customization includes different shapes, box models, opening styles, prints, and customized windows.

Tips for printing wine boxes quickly:

While customizes the boxes, many people face problems while printing and modifying custom printed boxes. Many people ignore the minor points that can affect their business and promote it. It would help if you considered these tips to customize your wine packaging and use it for brand and promotion.


Choosing the correct size and style of labeling is one of the essential parts of custom printing. Logos, name of product and brand, manufacturing details, and other things to print on the box must have chosen before printing. Your design background and text color and compatibility are significant to get the best wine packaging design.


The most critical part of box customization for brand promotion is labeling. Putting the right amount of words in the right place can make your packaging appealing. Printing wine boxes is tough to print because you need to put important information while keeping most of the space blank on the box.

Before ordering wholesale wine boxes, you must check spellings and other minor details in your final design. It is also essential to mention important information such as expiry date, date to use the product after opening, flavors, and ingredients of the wine. Font size and color should also be compatible with the background color of the box.

Size of container:

Wine comes in a glass bottle, in most cases. So it is essential to know the right size of the inner and outer packaging. To tightly pack wine bottles can burst due to pressure, and too loosely pack glass bottles can damage due to vigorous movement and collisions during transportation.

Wine cardboard containers also have packaging material like styrofoam, peanuts, cardboard walls, and cushions to protect the bottle. You should know the material to stuff in the box to choose the correct size of the box. The container's extent also depends on the place's environmental factors where the wine is made and going to be placed.

Right material:

There are different types of material used for packing a wine bottle. Cardboard is the most popular one, but you cannot ignore other kinds of boxes. The packaging material of the tubes depends on the inner container quality and the use you are planning.

For shipment purposes, more robust material like rigid boxes and wooden boxes are common choices. These boxes have stiff consistency, which hardly bends on pressure. Cardboard is one of the most customizable materials in terms of designing and shaping. Cardboard boxes are also easier to print. It would be best to choose the right labeling ink and other things to go with your choice boxes for different materials.


Before finalizing your printed wine boxes, you need to know if you will ship your product. Choosing the right chest and printing the correct information is essential to make and maintain a brand reputation. Your brand name, logo, product name, origin, expiry, barcodes, and other information should be correctly written on the boxes

Elegant looking wine boxes can give a good impression to your hosts. Not only the looks but protection make packaging essential.