How To Decorate Chocolate Christmas Tree

How To Decorate Chocolate Christmas Tree

Chocolates are simply a way to happiness. They are loved by people of all ages. They become messy and sticky; therefore, they are packaged in cardboard chocolate boxes. There is no need for any special event to have chocolates. They come in countless shapes and flavor variations. One of them is chocolate Christmas trees. As the name elaborates, they are made for the special occasion of Christmas. They can be decorated in several different ways to make them beautiful.

Gold Glitter

Edible glitter is easily available at any store. Golden is a special color, so adding this to your chocolate tree will signify festivity. It is available in powder and sprinkles. But the best one to choose is the powder form. When your chocolate tree is ready, take a small brush like the one used for painting. Take a small amount of gold powder and lightly apply it to the tree. A small amount will be sufficient for 2 – 3 of them. If you want to make different ones, you can also use other colors of glitter, such as silver or red cardboard packaging.

Fancy Sprinkles

Fancy is the first thought to run the mind when someone sees a Christmas tree. As the real ones are decorated with lights and shiny balls, chocolate Christmas trees can also be decorated similarly. It can be done by using fancy sprinkles. They come in different shapes, such as stars and hearts. To apply them, take a small amount of liquid chocolate in a piping bag and make a small hole. It should be small enough to put only a small amount of chocolate. Apply this chocolate to the dessert and stick the sprinkles on it. Your beautiful chocolate Christmas tree is ready.

Pocky Sticks

Pocky sticks can be used creatively to decorate your chocolate. It is suitable to make the stump. Since they are brown and yellow, they are perfect for making the stump. They are too long to be used on a single one. So cut or break them into small pieces according to the size of the treat. To stick them, use small amounts of liquid chocolate. Now your chocolate treat also has a little crunch.


Marshmallows are liked by everyone. Marshmallows and chocolates are a great combination. They make a wonderful sweet treat. They can be used to decorate your chocolate Christmas treat. They will give a touch of snowflakes. Take mini marshmallows for this and cut them into smaller pieces. Then stick them on the tree with the help of liquid chocolate. They will look like beautiful trees covered with snowflakes.

Dust icing Sugar

Icing sugar is powdered sugar. It is majorly used in making glaze and icing for bakery items. But it can also be used for decorating cookies, cakes, and other desserts. For making snow-covered chocolate Christmas trees, take a small amount of icing sugar in a small strainer. When your chocolate treats are ready, dust the powdered sugar on the trees. They will look beautiful and increase their appeal. They can be applied to a cake or eaten just like that.

Green Fondant

Fondant is an icing used to decorate cakes, pastries, and customized cookies. You can use it to decorate your edible Christmas. Add green color to the fondant and roll it into thin sheets. Use a tree-shaped cookie cutter and cut small Christmas trees out of it. Now apply these to your chocolate pieces with the help of liquid chocolate or sugar icing. Decorate them with multi-colored sprinkles. Beautiful chocolate Christmas desserts are ready. They will surely make your dining table more beautiful.

Cookie Crumble

Cookie crumble is used in a large variety of desserts. It is used as an ingredient as well as for decoration. It can also be used to decorate your chocolate Christmas tree. After they are ready. Apply a thin layer of sugar glaze to them. Now coat them with cookie crumble. The cookie can be of any color. It will make them beautiful and delicious.

Chocolates can make anything better. They make your events special and can be used to make different desserts. Chocolates should be carried in resistant packaging, which is done by chocolate boxes. They are used in different ways to make beautiful and delicious treats for special days like Christmas.