How To Improve Printing Quality For Hair Extension Boxes?7 Secret Tips

How To Improve Printing Quality For Hair Extension Boxes?7 Secret Tips

Hair extension is one of the basic and most demanded beauty product that everyone use at least for one time in life. These are amazing to give your hair a volume, instant styling and appropriate adjustment as well. People are more concerned about taking care of these extensions along with the usage. They do not want to ruin their investment on them so the preference is to pick up extensions with ultimate hair extension packaging. These boxes let them have the best storage coverage for the extensions. No one likes the spread out of extensions on shelves or letting them get dirty as well.

To increase your sales and product worth, it seems appropriate to invest in the quality of custom hair extension boxes. You can check out a number of tips that can help in making these printed boxes more appealing and worthy. You do not have to fall for the obvious and lame issues but consider that you are going to follow some professional leads.

Use a Refined Base

Printing is majorly influenced by the surface of print. If you want to have quality printed hair extension boxes, you need to come up with the friend base. Make your box material is of high quality with a surface that is good with pink absorption and keep the print in its place. Do not use a surface that can spread the ink all over place giving it all smudged look on the box. It will make the box look untidy and of poor quality. More your box bas is refining the better print quality you can enjoy with it.

Avoid too many colors

Commonly we believe that more colors in your design make it better and colorful. It is a fact that more colors in one frame look good to eyes but it increase your overall cost on printed boxes and makes it even trickier. You have to handle all the colors on one surface by keeping in mind that nothing will overlap each other. To avoid ending up with the mess, you should pick up designs with limited colors that so not make it difficult for you. Limited colors make the printed hair extension boxes management easier for you.

Do not use opposite colors

Going for extreme opposite colors like red and blue in 1 package is not a smart move. These colors are not of one category and stand out prominent to each other. If these can merge out at a certain point, they will form a new color that is very not in your real design. To boost the hair extension boxes printing quality, you should play with all colors of similar class. It helps in making a nice move with the overall printing strategy and makes the most out of your basic designs.

Do not go for glossy base

You have observed that many of the cosmetic products do no comes in glossy finish printed boxes. These one coming in matte finish boxes makes these products looks different and appealing as well. The purpose behind matte finish is the color stability. One a matte surface, colors can adjust quite easily and do not create a scene in drying and printing. You can enjoy the high quality printed hair extension boxes every time. The printing base matters a lot in the custom boxes to get the desired result every time. Therefore, you have to be careful about it so you can end up with the best results.

Use high quality printers

Along with the ink and printing base adjustment for your printed cardboard boxes, the next thing is the printers. The quality and type of printed matters a lot to the printing quality as well. You need to decide on what kind printer you are going to have the prints of these boxes. Be specific with your selection and do not over power it at any cost. Eventually you can end up with the best and perfect quality boxes with you for the cosmetic products.

Get the digital design

Printing on cardboard boxes comes with two strategies, one is the stamp printing and the other is digital printing. The second option is much better for quality. The digital print dry on its way coming out of printer. There is no need to let it rest for some time and dry. Moreover, the colors of digital prints remain the same and intact. While the stamp prints, colors may fade or change over time. So, make sure you are going to use the digital printing for the hair extension boxes printing. It saves you time, cost and gives the best quality outcomes there are many printing companies offering you the services with digital printers that suits your requirement and bring you some effective results.

Experiment with different techniques

Never be specific to one rule or printing technique of your custom hair extension boxes. It is good to try out different things on these boxes. More you will experiment new thing the better you can have quality out of it. Do not forget to get the updates on cardboard boxes in terms of material, color, design, style and more. All the latest developments in the packaging market can help you to have better hair extension boxes for your products. It can make your products progress and improve overtime. Consumers will feel good about these products as well.