Luxury Packaging London Gets Redesigned Concept

Luxury Packaging London Gets Redesigned Concept

The need for luxury packaging solutions is increasing day by day due to the changed thinking of customers in the modernized world. The top brands and manufacturers are forced to introduce new and unique packing designs for their products to keep their customers happy and satisfied. Modern-day customers want to see products packed in a more stylish and fashionable manner and to fulfill their requirements the creators of the packaging industry working really hard to update the product packing styles. They are adding different features and attributes to their designs which not only makes them more convenient and effective but also makes them more elegant and luxurious in appearance. Normally, they are using new era building materials such as cardboard, plastic, and others for their manufacturing which comes with countless customization options and allow them to mold their packaging box designs according to their own desires and wishes to give them the required luxurious look.

DKNY Luxurious Packaging: -

Top brands try to make the look of their packaging as elegant and sophisticated as they can and the best example we find in this regard is the DKNY carrier and packing bags. Black color bags made from cardstock paper are supposed to give a simple look but their decency and elegance increase to a huge extent when the metallic gold hot stamp logo is embossed on them. Their simplicity produces the best beauty in them. The buyers get really excited and enthusiastic when they see such kind of packing. These bags are made from simple materials with simplest designing techniques utilized during their manufacturing but the selection of a combination of colors from designers makes them very special and beautiful. To further enhance their beauty and prettiness, these shopping bags are finished with a satin ribbon bow attached to their top which makes them look extremely luxurious and lavish.

Marc Jacobs’s Luxurious Packaging: -

The modern-day creators are well aware of the fact that beauty lies in simplicity. The simpler the packing shape and style, the more it will be appreciated among the buyers. The same approach is adopted by the packaging creators of a top brand known as Marc Jacobs. High-quality cardboard material is used in the manufacturing of their packing boxes but their plain white color makes their appearance extremely unique and distinctive from the other boxes. Most manufacturers want to use different bold and sharp colors in the making of their packing boxes but here at Marc Jacobs, they opt to use plain white color packing boxes which are quite innovative and new thinking in comparison to other brands. The white color reflects a sophisticated and elegant image of the brand in front of its customers. The embossing of the hot-stamped logo in gloss black makes their appearance striking and captivating for their buyers and forces them to buy these items. Marc Jacobs also manufactures their carrier bags with the same combination of colors which is white and black. The complete white color bags are made from superior quality cardstock paper with an embossed logo on them in gloss black color. The manufacturing of their packaging with elusive contrasting textures provides their products a luxurious and expensive appearance which is becoming a need of today’s modernized world.

Starwars Perfumes Packing: -

In old days, we saw perfumes packed in simple cardboard boxes and still, people bought them with craze and obsession. With the passage of time, the thinking of both the manufacturers and buyers are changed. The manufacturer wants to make the look and appearance of their products distinctive and unique in comparison to their rival brands and buyers want to buy those products whose packaging styles fascinate them more. To fulfill the requirements of both, the designers working in the packaging industry have introduced new and novel designs of the packing boxes like sleeve style, pyramid style, and many others. The same is the case with the Starwars perfumes as they come up with unique packaging designs that give a pleasing look to their buyers. These boxes are made from high-quality cardboard material as their base is created in a rectangular shape in which the bottles of the perfumes get fixed. Then the upper part of them is created in a manner that they open like a door. The right side opens towards the right side and left towards the left side while the base remains intact all the time. Starwars logo is affixed on the front side of them in the shape of a door lock which increases its beauty to a great extent.

Crate & Barrel Cookies Packing: -

They are best known for their stylish and modern packing designs for their cookies. Their barrel shape boxes are normally made from Kraft paper cardboard material and ornaments. The use of bold and vivid colors in the artworks printed on them makes a huge difference in their look and appearance. These barrel shape boxes get the attention of the buyers instantly because of their eye-catching and captivating colors and styles. They give a perfect gift box option to the buyers and they can present them to their dear ones and loved ones as gifts on special occasions and events. The ready-to-gift holiday packaging is a result of the designer’s collaborative designing effort, and detail-driven manufacturing which gives them a luxurious look.