Printing Methods Have Revolutionized The Packaging Designs

Printing Methods Have Revolutionized The Packaging Designs

Now, they have the freedom to include interactive graphics, pictures, and different color combinations in them according to their product packaging needs and their own desires. With that, the new age building materials such as cardboard and plastic also support them very well in this process as they come with flexible options and can be printed effortlessly with the help of these advanced printers. The improvements in technology provide an opportunity for the makers to make the look and appearance of their products more striking and appealing by styling them in innovative ways.

Lithography Method: -

It is one of the best and latest printing procedures introduced in the packaging industry in the last few decades. Basically, it is utilized by many manufacturers for branding purposes to promote their valuable items in the market and make more customers aware of them. In this process, the combination of two building materials that are normally comprised of cardboard and plastic sheet is used. The main structure of the packing boxes is generally made of high-quality cardboard sheets and then they are laminated with plastic sheets. During this process, what basically makers do? They create their innovative and unique artworks with the help of graphics, imagery, and brand logos and then print their main portion on the cardboard made packaging structures. The remaining portion which generally consists of brand logos and names is produced on plastic sheets. These plastic sheets are then laminated on the cardboard structures to complete the look of the packing boxes. This style not only provides an eye-catching and stunning look to the packaging but also makes them more protective and durable which keeps the enclosed items safe and secure till they reach their destination. The patterned plastic sheets work perfectly as a branding tool and customers will become aware of the brand name by just having a little glance at them. The lamination also keeps the cardboard structure neat and clean till they reach the customer’s hand as people do not want to buy products that give a filthy and dirty look.

Flexography Method: -

It is a modernized way of styling the packaging boxes which can be used on almost any kind of building material such as metal, cardboard, glass, and paper. This is done with the help of flexible relief plates and due to its ability of effective on any surface, it is liked and favored by many manufacturers nowadays. In this procedure, ink is applied to the surface of the plates with the help of a roller and after putting on the ink, it starts rotating on the material on which the sketch is needed. With every rotation, it keeps transferring the sketch onto the packaging material and gives them an extraordinary look. The most common use of this method is seen in the printing of food packaging because they are mostly made from non-porous materials and it produces very good results for them. Other products that are using this technique is the corrugated cardboard boxes, plastic bags, and retail shopping bags made of paper. This method allows the makers to give a luxurious appearance to their item packaging in an easy way.

Rotogravure Method: -

It is one of the latest printing approaches used these days by many makers to design their goods packing and magazines. In this technique, the artwork is engraved on the packaging material which makes it look extraordinarily beautiful and eye-catching to the onlookers. A copper-made cylinder is used in this method on which the required artwork is engraved and then this cylinder rotates on the surface on which the sketch is needed. Just like flexography, it also requires a rotating press to complete the job. It is one of the fastest-growing techniques which is adopted by numerous designers all over the world because it produces great results on almost all kinds of materials from wide vinyl rolls to narrow-spread labels. This method provides the opportunity for the makers to show their creative skills in the best possible way and bring innovation and distinctiveness to their packaging designs.

Digital Printing Method: -

It is another printing process that is getting popular among many makers nowadays. This method provides the manufacturers an opportunity to prepare their packing boxes in a quick time as it provides them with a quick printing solution. Digital printing enhances the visibility of the artworks to a great extent and makes them look clearer and sharper. Top brands are transforming to this method quickly because it allows them to make the look of their goods more beautiful and attractive in an easy way. New-age building materials like cardboard and plastic also supported this procedure in a great way and allow digital printing solutions with the help of simple and cheap resources. In this process, makers can add complex graphics, pictures, and shapes in their artworks to be printed on their goods packing and still give a clear and sharp look. It also allows them to use bold and vivid colors in their making to further improve their beauty.