Seven Environmental Benefits Of Using Corrugated Boxes For Shipping

Seven Environmental Benefits Of Using Corrugated Boxes For Shipping

Corrugated boxes have been the packaging choice of numerous businesses associated with many industries for a long time. They are made up of organic materials; that is why they are eco-friendly. They provide many benefits to the atmosphere, so let us see some of them in this article.

Biodegradability is vital

In this modern age, many businesses are using packages and products that are not biodegradable. That is increasing pollution and giving rise to global warming. The Cardboard boxes are made up of organic materials. They decompose quickly after a specific time.

That is possible only because of their biodegradable nature. When they are dumped in a landfill, it takes a particular time, after which they break down. This is a significant benefit for the environment as their counterpart plastic ones take almost 500 years to break down. That is causing severe damages.

Does not produce toxic elements

One of the main factors in measuring the ecological nature of the products is to find if they produce any toxic elements during decomposition? This is not the case with the custom corrugated boxes. They do not produce toxic elements when they are exposed to high temperatures.

They do not produce these elements when exposed to water as well. When they are being decomposed, they breakdown into elements that are not toxic to soil. They are very safe for the environment in this regard.

They can be recycled

This is one of the most important benefits for the environment. The eco friendly corrugated boxes can be recycled many times. They do not have a small number of recycling life like their counterparts made of plastic have.

Their recycling process is also very easy and energy-efficient. That is why many people prefer to recycle them instead of dumping them. Due to this, they save the precious natural resources the mother earth has given to us. The recyclability also keeps their costs low; that is why businesses prefer them as well.

Ecological manufacturing process

Many products are eco-friendly, but their manufacturing process is harmful to the environment. But this is not the scenario with the corrugated packages. Their manufacturing is also nature-friendly like they are. This is because it takes less energy to manufacture them that reduce the pollution associated with electricity usage.

The manufacturing process does not produce toxic chemicals that can poison the air, land, or water. Moreover, corrugated boxes printing is also ecological. This is a very big environmental benefit that is ignored by many businesses due to their negligence.

Reduce the carbon footprint

The carbon footprint is associated with almost every industry. But printed corrugated boxes help in reducing this and wondering how is this possible? Let us take you out of curiosity. They are lightweight and manufactured in flat cardboard sheets that are later assembled into a box by fixing various folds. That is why they can be transported in large quantities at a time. That reduces the fuel consumption for transportation. Their manufacturing process also takes less energy that reduces electricity consumption. All these features reduce the amount of carbon emission in the air due to them.

Reduce pollution

This benefit needs no introduction. The corrugated cardboard packages reduce pollutions in numerous ways. They can be recycled many times, so they do not go easily into the waste. Imagine if they cannot be recycled many times like their counterparts. Nightmare right! Because they are used widely around the world that can cause huge troubles if they cannot be recycled.

They do not produce poisonous chemicals that can harm the air, water, and soil. They are biodegradable, so they decompose easily, resulting in low requirements of the land for dumping. That is why businesses can buy corrugated boxes wholesale without the worry of how they will end up in waste, causing pollution.

Save natural resources

The natural resources are precious, as well as limited in number. These custom corrugated boxes help in saving them drastically. As we know, they can be recycled, so they save the requirement of trees to manufacture them. According to research, one ton of these recycled packages saves 17 trees. Imagine the number of trees saved in one year due to their recyclability. They also save water immensely. Wondering how?

The pulping process takes a lot of water to breakdown the woods so the corrugated cardboard can be manufactured. Recycling them saves a huge amount of water. According to research, one ton of recycled cardboard saves 7000 gallons of precious water the process of pulping.The eco friendly corrugated boxes are an excellent choice to package your products as they safeguard the environment in numerous ways that cannot be done by many other types of packaging. The aforementioned benefits are some of the many that help saves nature.