Top 15 Types Of Display Packaging In Usa

Top 15 Types Of Display Packaging In Usa

Display Packaging

Promotion and accessibility are the two ways that can easily enhance the sales of a product. Every brand that deals with intangible assets need the appropriate type of packaging that can attract customers towards the brand. The main reason for doing so is to generate more profits to increase marginal revenues. The assistance of display packaging in retail stores is a great way to attract customers towards products and the brand. The display stands are used to promote the products, increase their visibility, and provide accessibility to the users. Every retail store has these boxes beside counters, shelves, and storefronts.

Any business that works on its marketing and advertising in the most appropriate ways is successful. How can a customer know about the product or brand without seeing it? It is impossible, and thus, the only way to enhance the interaction between products and the brand is through providing better accessibility. In old times, the main reason to use boxes was for protection, but we live in a modern era. Boxes are used to enhance interaction between a brand and people. Interactive display packaging can easily encourage and persuade consumers towards buying the products offered by a brand.

Benefits of a Display Box

Some of the most common benefits of using this packaging style are given as follows:

  • It is very easy to grab the instant attention of a consumer.
  • This instant attention makes sure that customers will not think twice while making the purchase decision.
  • Revenues are increased because of impulsive sales.
  • Informs the customer about new products from a brand that is yet to launch.
  • The revival of old products and offers
  • The area required to place these boxes is small.

1. Retail Shelf Displays

The retail shelf packaging boxes are stored beside the checkout-billing counter. It is beneficial for the brand to have such a location as it initiates maximum sales and attraction from customers who are queued up in lines waiting for their turn. These are mostly used for products of candies, gums, cigarettes, etc.

2. Pop Displays

The point of purchase, displays, are also stored beside the checkout counters to initiate the maximum amount of sales. These are stored on the floor beside the counters. Pop display boxes are a great way to throw special offers and discounts on old and new products. Moreover, these are also used to promote special celebrations and events.

3. Shipper Boxes

These also point of purchase displays that are mostly used for products for kids. These are quite smaller than other kinds of display containers and are stored in stands made out of plastic and metal. The shipper display boxes are best for baby food products, instant coffee, candies, and gums.


4. Food Displays

Food display counters are used all around the world to store food items. These include salads, beef, pork, etc. The food display packaging is a great way to satisfy customers as it allows them to see what they are buying. These are also used by food chains for fast food, mostly for salad.

5. Magazine Counters

It is very easy for these counters to persuade customers to buy magazines. These counters are solely created to attract consumers towards the purchase of items. A long queue at the billing counter will always make the customer pick a magazine up; therefore, these counters are stored near to checkout.

6. Blister Boxes

Blister display packaging is one of the most used types of packaging all around the world. It is mostly used as by-products of electronics and their accessories. It lets the customer see the actual product in the finest type of packaging. The blister packaging is solely done to attract customers to the offered products. It not only efficiently displays the products, but it also provides unlimited modes of safety because of the compact packaging. Moreover, these boxes provide suitable information to the users about items inside. Other than products of electronics, this type of encasing goods is also used by cosmetics and products of toys.

7. Countertops

Custom display packaging using countertops is one of the most effective ways to induce the maximum amount of sales. This way of highlighting the products is a very effective way to boost sales for a business. These boxes provide users with less time to initiate their purchase decision. These are mostly used for products like magazines, chocolates, cigarettes, CDs/DVDs, etc.

8. Power Wings

Another name given to this type of display is the sidekicks. These are hanged on the eye levels of the customer with the shelves to ensure smooth interaction between customers and the products.

9. Floor Displays

As the name suggests, this type of display packaging is stored on the floors of a retail store. These freely standing boxes are bigger than the normal countertops. The main use of these displays is done in large shopping malls and stores like Carrefour. These are much stronger than the normal point of purchase displays and are made out of metal and hard plastic. These can also be manufactured using layers of corrugated sheets.

10. End Caps

These caps are stands that are stored at an aisle’s end. These Caps are initiate sales as attention from customers towards the product in them is regular. As soon as the customer changes the lane of shelves in a retail superstore, they get interaction with products in these boxes. These are much stronger than regular floor displays and, therefore, can hold many weighty products. The product display packaging using end caps is a perfect way to enhance the sales of a brand.

11. Game Boxes

This retail display packaging is done for the products of games. The CDs/DVDs are stored in these boxes at the eye level of the customer.

12. Cosmetic Counters

These counters are used on the shelves of cosmetic products. Products of cosmetics are usually hard to deal with, and appointed personnel are available to guide through the products. These counters on the shelves are filled with testers and products that can be used before the actual purchase.

13. Movie Display Boxes

These boxes are also made thinking the “point of purchase” concept in mind. However, these are also used to offer promotions of new movies. These can be used to sell products like cups, toys, etc. having themes of different movies.

14. Cigarette Counters

These counters are mostly used at the cash counters to make sure that a smoker did not forget to buy their cigarettes. Intensive marketing is not needed to promote the items in these boxes.

15. Storefront Displays

Storefront display containers are mostly large that are stored on the front of stores at a gas station. These are used to store oils, tires, and fresheners for cars, trucks, and other vehicles. The main aim of using these displays is to attract the buyers and to let them know that the store deals with these products too.

Are you looking for different display packaging types? There are many, and countertops, floor displays, power wings, and end caps are just a few examples.