Ideas How To Make Your Events More Trendy With Wedding Card Boxes

Ideas How To Make Your Events More Trendy With Wedding Card Boxes

The trend of sending the cards in envelopes has shifted to a more attractive and creative way, and that is card boxes. Cards are additionally placed in the boxes because in today's world it is not only a single piece of paper but a set of cards that collectively contain all the information regarding the names, guests, invite them, and dress code of the wedding. Some people even like to add favors in the boxes like petals, roses, cards, custom messages, and things that have a deeper sentimental attachment. Well, some people keep their wedding cards boxes the priority as it is who a wedding starts after all. Without guests, there will be no fun, and without wedding cards, there will be no guests and most important without a wedding cards box there will be no attractive enough cards that could compel guests to be a part of your wedding. Invitation cards tell a lot about the type of event it is going to be with custom designs.

A wedding is a most awaited day for the bride and the groom. People start planning about the theme, wedding, dresses, guest list, menu, and vacations but have you ever expected how your wedding card boxes would look like or be designed.

So the thing is how you can make your event more exciting with the cards.

Choose the theme
Every wedding or event has a particular subject on which the whole décor, dresses, gifts, and wedding favors are designed. If everything is so accordingly planned, then why not wedding cards because they are the main essence of the wedding?

Custom boxes designed on the theme of the wedding give a more captivating feel to the event. For instance, going for the items like;

  • Floral
  • Fairytale wedding theme
  • Wood and lace
  • Classy retro
  • Geometric
  • Neon and edgy
  • Minimalist
  • Laser-cut

There are just a few to name.

Be creative

There is no limit to being creative when it comes to the design and especially for your big day. Customization has broken all the limitations and restrictions that used to stop people from getting their creativity into reality.

The die-cutting technique to make boxes allow customers to get unique shapes that are unmatchable in their style as window cut-out boxes, origami boxes, pop-up boxes, laser-cut boxes and many more. Take your desired theme to the next level with the shapes for the tables.

Add inserts

Cardboard boxes are the most durable boxes for every type of product. These boxes can easily hold different sizes and weights as they do not collapse, thus keeping your products safe inside the box. Not worrying about the damage you can add different inserts inside the table as a souvenir and a token of love and thank you for the guests. It is not necessary to go over the board with the inserts if you are on a tight budget. Custom printed messages or cute cards can trendily do the thing. You can also jazz it up with custom gift boxes designed in the theme of the wedding.

Consider the inside of the box

Custom box printing allows you to consider fashioning up your interior of the box. Make the boxes that give an overwhelming feeling to the guests. Custom logo, name of the guest, or any other message in golden and silver foiling will not only look more personalized but luxurious. It helps you connect to the people on a deeper level and indulge them in the wedding event. You want people to want to remember your big day for the most extended period.

Get going with expressing yourself with customization techniques like embossing. Printing embossed patterns, a rose, a name, or a signature on the boxes will never fail to impress the guest with the quality, effort, and time you have spent on creating your cards, especially for them.

There's a chance that they will bring a more significant present!
Hah! That was a joke, never mind.

Add a touch of luxury

Do not be afraid of the term luxury as every luxury does not come with a big price tag.
Lamination is a fantastic customization technique that significantly enhances the quality of the boxes.

These are plastic coating in glossy, matte, and semi-gloss or spot UV finish. They give different feels to the tables as smooth, velvety, and metallic if done in foil. Do not be shy to go for lamination as it will not cost you a fortune when you come to know where to get the most affordable and trendy boxes at the cheapest rates that are available in the market.

Wholesale Packaging!

Whenever you plan to get anything in bulk, wholesale!
Wholesale is the selling of goods in a more significant amount. These dealers get the product from the manufacturer or make a large number of orders in-house which gives them a smaller profit on each item that adds up to a large sum. Custom wholesale boxes are the most affordable packaging solution for all your packaging and designing needs.

Wholesale card boxes are no less in quality than any other packaging solution that is available on the market. They are equally durable, attractive, stylish and trendy as any other expensive packaging material. Cardboard is sustainable as it is 101% bio-degradable and recyclable in every form. Well, it is not as hard as it sounds because the only thing that you need to do is be clear about what you need, what your budget is, and that is it. You are ready to create a sensation among the guest, and there is no doubt that they will talk about your wedding cards at every event or gathering.