What Are The Precautions For Covid-19 A Little Help By Thecustomboxes

What Are The Precautions For Covid-19 A Little Help By Thecustomboxes

Maintain distance from others:

Use alternate greeting methods to hugs and handshakes like waving hands from a distance or Japanese bow greeting style. The other person may not necessarily be a patient, but they could be carrying the virus on their hands and clothes. Therefore, it is highly recommended to maintain a distance of at least 3 to 6 feet from each other.

Don’t go out unless the need be:

It does not matter if you are affected or not. The only way to defeat this pandemic is by avoiding contact with others as much as possible so that the disease cannot be transferred from affected to healthy bodies. The suspended aerial vapors from a cough or a sneeze might get inside your body while breathing or through your eyes. Or you might accidentally touch something that might be carrying the virus.

Keep sanitizing your hands:

The virus cannot breach your epidermal layer; the only way for it to enter your bloodstream is through the nose, mouth, and eyes. Most of the time, it has been observed that your hands are responsible for carrying the microbes to the entry points. Therefore, keep washing your hands or use the alcoholic sanitizers when you have no access to water or hand washing liquids.

Avoid touching your face:

The face is the entry point of any virus. You never know whether you have the virus on your hands or not. So, it would be a better idea to consciously avoid touching your face. That way, you would be less likely to get a life-threatening situation the current pandemic offers.

Sanitize surfaces:

Not just your body, but you have to keep sanitizing your clothes and various other surfaces that come in contact with your hands and body. The clothes you use outside must be dipped in some anti-septic liquids after you reach back home. Use the same anti-septic solution through a spray bottle to cleanse the surfaces that you touch regularly, including your cellphone and other devices, to keep them safe from all the unwanted microbes.

Recipe for sanitizers:

As we know that sanitizer would be in high demand during such a global threatening situation. They might run short in the market; therefore, we must know how to make it in our homes for regular use. The ingredients are: 80% ethanol (96% saturation), 0.125% H2O2 (3% saturation), 1.45% glycerol, and distilled water or just boil and filter regular mineral water. These percentages are by volume, not mass. 

Impact of soap on the virus:

Soaps are basic by chemistry, and no micro-organism can survive in a basic environment. They destroy the outer fat layer of the virus-cell, and the internal RNA structure cannot survive without it. Therefore, soaps and detergents are equally effectual for sanitizing purposes.

Don’t take a risk:

If you start developing initial symptoms, waste no time, and immediately rush to the nearest diagnosis facility and consult a physician. The irony is that it has the same starting symptoms as regular influenza, and the switching weather has made it even more confusing. Therefore, clarify your ambiguities and take help from the nearest medical facilities you have at your disposal.

As a reputed market entity, it is the social responsibility of TCB-UK to make people aware of what is in their best interest in such threatening time for mankind. We are in this together, and we must do everything at our disposal to fight back.