Where To Get Amazing Designs Of Eyeliner Boxes In Reasonable Prices

Where To Get Amazing Designs Of Eyeliner Boxes In Reasonable Prices

Out of all the available packaging suppliers in the online as well as the local market, we have come up with the best one that is well-known for its most exceptional quality printed custom Makeup Packaging at many reasonable rates.

It's none other than www.thecustomboxes.co.uk/. Now let us explore what gives them an edge over all the different packaging suppliers and what they claim to offer.

Endless Customization Solutions:

When it comes to the packaging of your cosmetic products, they are the best option for you for many reasons. One of those reasons is their 100% customization facility. From shapes to finishing and designs to printings, everything is customizable when you choose them for the manufacturing of your Makeup Packaging.

Not just this, you can even choose the material of your choice from their range of material options. They offer the most excellent quality eco-friendly materials, including cardboard, kraft, and corrugated board. The thickness of the content is adjustable to achieve the desired strength and sturdiness. They assist you in customizing your packaging in your desired ways to set it apart from all your competitors and help your brand grow.

Free Design Templates:

Designing your packaging boxes is not an issue when you have a vast library of attractive design templates at your disposal. You can choose your desired model from them without paying any extra cost. You can even ask them to make some alterations in the designs to make them perfectly match your aesthetics and brand personality. However, if you do have your custom designs and want to include them on your Cardboard Boxes, they are ready to adorn them on your packaging in the most admirable way.

Exhaustive Printing options:

Women are highly conscious of what they are buying. From the actual product to the outer packaging, everything should be beautiful to appeal to their senses. This dedicated packaging supplier offers exhaustive printing options to make your Cosmetic Boxes irresistible in their display. The CMYK and PMS color printing they use provides the broadest range of unique color schemes. They use the latest printing technology to ensure the most attractive digitization of your designs on the boxes.

Raised ink printing is also available to give a unique textured look to the packaging. Moreover, they also offer metal foil stamping, which highlights the text and designs, even more, making your packaging stand out more among the rest of the products. They are well known for their most excellent quality printing and are the best option to consider for the most enticing page of your packaging boxes to enjoy increased sales and boosted band image.

Easy on the Pocket:

You can get fully customized printed Custom Boxes for your eyeliners from them at the most affordable rates. One of the reasons behind their affordability is that they are manufactured out of recycled materials.

The recycling of material costs much less than the processing of virgin materials. This enables them to provide you the packaging at reasonable prices. This is how they help you save more and offer your eyeliners to the retailers and customers at lower rates than your rivals, which will eventually give you an edge over them. They do everything to make sure that your business gets flourished and enjoy a heightened image in the market.

Free Die-Cutting:

Besides a long list of add-ons, another benefit they offer is the free die-cutting facility. Their state of the art cutting die equipment carves out even the smallest details with complete preciseness. Having to die-cut windows on your Cosmetic Boxes will help you allow the customers to have a look at your amazing eyeliners while they are still in the packaging. It will entice them even more and influence them to make a purchase. This is because it is proven that products that are more exposed to their display enjoy more sales than those that aren't.

Low minimums:

They understand that every business doesn't need thousands of packaging boxes. This is why they have managed to keep their minimum order quantity as little as one hundred pieces. Isn't it amazing that they offer you the most beautiful quality boxes, fully customized on your demand at affordable rates in such a small quantity? Surely it is.

Free and Fast shipping:

Most of the time, shipping charges are much more than the actual product's pricing, and this discourages you from getting your packaging from online vendors. The story is different when you make your purchase with www.thecustomboxes.co.uk/. They offer free shipping all across the UK, whether your order is in minimum quantity or bulk. Moreover, they ensure the delivery of orders within just 8-10 working days.

On top of that, their rush delivery offer is also ready to avail if you are in a hurry and need to fulfill your packaging purposes urgently. All of these reasons are enough to make them the best choice for the manufacturing of your exclusively designed Cardboard Boxes for eyeliners as well as other makeup items. They help you serve your packaging purposes in the best possible way without being heavy on your budget.