Where To Get Amazing Designs Of Eyeshadow Boxes With A Tight Budget

Where To Get Amazing Designs Of Eyeshadow Boxes With A Tight Budget

Need for this style

Cosmetics and makeup items are always one of the top-selling in the market, and demand is still on hype. In such a scenario, the competition is still high due to the presence of several product manufacturers who are still in a continuous effort to enhance their sales.

Custom Boxes for products can help the manufacturers in the active promotion of their brand, combined with reaching the target of higher sales. These boxes are like a promotional medium at a low cost. You can purchase this style of packaging easily at low rates from the market in addition to your own customized designs. Here are some points that can help you find the best quality of packaging at low prices.

Local vendors

Local vendors are always right when your order is low than 100 boxes. They can provide you with a good quality of boxes at low rates. You can also go to their place and check the variety of materials they use. Shopping from a local vendor can also provide you with the vantage point of omitting shipping charges.

They can also customize your boxes on-demand in the lowest lead time. They have a variety of designs available, and you can select one that meets your requirements. But there are also some disadvantages of using the local vendors as they have low customization options, and sometimes you have to select from their pre-manufactured range of makeup boxes.

Online vendors

The other way to get this packaging style at low rates is by using online services and vendors. They are highly professional and have several customization options at their disposal. Their high tech machinery enables the processing of bulk orders at low turnaround rates, and the quality of materials used by them is also superior. They also provide competitive prices with a number of free services. Here are some of the top manufacturers who deal with packaging for cosmetic products.


Minimum order starting from as low as 100 boxes, the custom boxes are one of the most renowned names in the industry of custom printed boxes. They are one of the pioneers in the industry when it comes to high-end manufacturing techniques and quality packaging solutions.

They have more than 200+ box designs, and one can easily select a plan that meets the requirements. You can also take benefit of their free designing service and contact the designing team for developing one-of-a-kind packaging designs for your brand. They also provide you with free shipping and add on facilities so you can get your desired packaging at low cost.


The premium boxes are one of the top manufacturers in the industry that deals with the premium quality of packaging solutions at low rates. They deal with all sorts of cosmetics packaging, and luxury packaging is their specialization. The minimum order starts as low as 100 boxes per order.

They have the latest equipment, and the high-end processing techniques enable them to process bulk orders in minimum turnaround time. They also provide their consumers with a bundle of free services and options such as free use of die-cut, free shipping, and design support.


They are also one of the top professionals in the industry who are always ready to serve you with the best services. This brand deals in both the manufacturing and printing of personalized packaging solutions.

Their quality printing techniques can help you in elevating the appeal of your desired packaging in addition to saving your money. They provide special discounts on bulk orders, and the shipping and designing support is totally free. You can select from several provided designs or can also contact their designing team to develop one-of-a-kind unique packaging for your brand.


The printing circle is one of the top suppliers when it comes to high-quality printed packaging solutions. They provide you with several unique and innovative designs in the custom eyeshadow boxes. The design and customer support them is totally free, and you can contact them at any time for any packaging-related inquiry. They provide you with the highest quality of box designs with free shipping services. There are no charges for die-cutting and the use of add-ons. The printing options offered by this brand are also high in class with several lamination options.


One another top manufacturer in the industry is Pak Box. They are highly professional and deal in both manufacturing and printing custom eyeshadow boxes. They have several designs available at their disposal, and you can select one from them; you can also go for a totally customized design of packaging by contacting their design support team.

They use high-end machinery, and their prices are competitive. They can also process your bulk order at the lowest turnaround rate due to the high-end printing and manufacturing techniques utilized by their business, and you can also save your money on shipping charges as the shipping service is totally free.