Detail Description

Custom Cosmetic Boxes

In this era of advancement and technology every business especially cosmetics needs proper appearance and display. However, if you are engaged in the cosmetic business you need full-fledged customization. is producing customized and up-to-snuff boxes for the packaging of different cosmetic products such as entails eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, lip gloss, eye shadow and much more like products. The outlook of our boxes itself presents the finest quality of these cosmetic boxes. Many customers when purchasing cosmetic products make their buying decision on basis of the way of presentation of the product. By keeping in mind the worth of the presentation our expert designers use their artist knowledge to create unique designs and alluring colour schemes which attract the customers toward purchasing. To endow a modern and fresh look, different innovative shapes like pillow shapes, cylinder shapes, and many other shapes are used.

Premium-quality Printed Cosmetic Packaging:

Marketers of many big brands nowadays use packaging to convey their brand message to their target audience after realizing the worth of high-quality packaging and its positive impact on buyers. So in order to facilitate such a brand, luxurious quality packaging, as well as premium printing, is offered by TheCustomBoxesUK. Offset printing and screen printing are two advanced printing technology that we adopt for printing our cosmetic packaging boxes.

Shortest Duration of Shipment:

We design all of our jobs in a way that satisfies our customers. We know in any business the most valuable thing is time. That’s the reason we print our all jobs in a manner that will take minimal time to be done, due to this we are able to ship your required custom cosmetic boxes to the doorstep in the shortest turnaround time as we promise.

Eco-friendly and 100% Recyclable Boxes:

In order to maintain the cleanliness of the environment and atmosphere, we prefer to use recyclable and eco-friendly materials for the production of cosmetic boxes. It is just a little contribution by to make a healthy environment. Basically, cardboard and corrugated material are used by our production team for the preparation of boxes as both of these are hundred percent recyclable.

Most affordable prices:

All the printing, designing and shipment cost are borne by the company as it is assumed as the company’s expense; in addition to this, no hidden or extra charges are imposed on the customers. In the case of fast delivery little amount is charged to the customers if they demand early delivery. If any customer wants to cancel the order after we send the job for printing then 25 pounds and 5% of the total amount are charged to him in case he is informed within four hours of approval. If the customer intimates us after 24 hours of approval no amount is refunded to the client. Our rates are very much affordable as compared to our competitors instead of these low rates we also offer discounts on personalized and wholesale boxes.

We use special sheets and transparent lamination that reflect the UV rays of sunlight. This sheet is basically used to protect your products from external and climatic effects. We care about your money and time that’s the reason we make all these efforts.