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Metalized Packaging

TheCustomBoxesUK offers gold foil and silver foil metalized but custom packaging solutions according to your requirements and sizes. These types of boxes print on silver and gold foil sheets and yield premium and elegant boxes that look different and costly. All shapes and sizes, your own designed and logo printed boxes at your doorstep just within eight to ten business days. Our four-step procedure helps in understanding completely and getting appealing boxes at your doorstep contains; getting the quote, designing, printing approval and delivery. These sharp and smooth surface boxes are used for any type of product retail as well as wholesale, silver and gold foil make the amazing and smooth. In order to give a smooth touch, cardboard material is pressed under foil sheets.

We provide discount metallized printing and packaging solutions across the UK, Canada, and the USA. TheCustomBoxesUK provides free templates and designs for metalized boxes; we allow small businesses, large-scale businesses and medium-level businesses to print metalized boxes online for their products, with free templates free designing is also offered to all of its customers. Custom made metalize boxes with free shipping; design and template actually make us different from others. Through customization you can place your own artwork on printed boxes at your desired place and able to manage your logo and product specification at your loved pace.

How do we customize metalized boxes?

1. Custom metalize boxes can be printed in any color 2. Silver and gold foil boxes can be cut under the die easily 3. Metalized boxes can be printed on all cardboard stocks easily 4. These can be designed and printed in any size

Our four step easy procedure makes sure that all the wholesale metalized boxes are printed according to your needs and requirements, as we care for our customers. As a wholesale metalize Boxes Company TheCustomBoxesUK is responsible for satisfying all your packaging needs at affordable prices.

Quick turnaround time

Our quick turnaround time is very low as compared to other custom printed metalized boxes providers in the market. However, a rush order facility is also available with additional charges. The material we use is totally recyclable and eco-friendly, in order to make the environment happy and mandatory by laws.TheCustomBoxesUK has a wide collection of boxes, you can select your desired one, and for products size, you can ask our sales representative person, and we are 24/7 available for your support. Some additional customization features we offer; lamination, UV coating, varnish, and foil stamping.