Privacy Policy

Visiting our website is actually a true agreement between the customer and The Custom Boxes-UK. According to this agreement, The Custom Boxes will not share any of your data with any third party. But we will only use it for the shipping, order completion and for contact purposes. As privacy is a great concern especially when it comes to The Custom Boxes-UK name, we have the utmost policy in order to protect and safeguard all of your information that we collect during the order and website usage. We ensure all your data Is safe and far away from malicious and harmful things.


Using our website creates log files that save some relevant information from the customers like; IP address, browser version and browser name, date of visit, time, different pages you visit, exit page, location demographics but emails are not the part of this information. User voluntarily provides us with this basic personal and business information on our site and it is our responsibility not to share this data with others. When you order on our site, you may require providing us with your financial and sensitive data, and credit card information, this data allow us to process information for transactions. We can share this data with shipping companies, banking institutions and third parties for payment. By accessing our site, you can change, update and delete your account information. All such kinds of information are provided for transactions and payments.

We never share, sell or misuse any kind of data but only use it for our services, products, and promotions. If you are not in the mood to receive any updates, promotional offers, seasonal discounts or offers just send us an email at


We use this data for your benefit, with browsers' names and IP addresses we can better provide you with our products that suit best for your system. Pages you visit and love the most we always place on top of the list all such decisions are made by using such information in order to provide you best possible solutions at the earliest and top priority.

Security of data

Security of your information, users on the site and other information they provide to us is essential for us. We have already done all the security measures in order to protect your properties. There is no UN authorized access even any access and restricted to office employees. Our website encrypts all this information by using SSL Secure socket layers; SSL is the best security checking when data is transferred from the client to the server.  Even after SSL encryption data is not 100% safe on the web so we do not warrant any kind of information clients sends to us.

Business Transaction:

Business transaction, any kind of selling The Custom Boxes, affiliation with any other company, the partnership with any other company, declared bankruptcy or any kind of transfer in possessions will include the transfer or sharing of your information that we collected during the order and site visit.


Cookies are small files used to store user information; The Custom BoxesUK uses cookies in order to store information like user behavior and response against the website. These cookies can be deleted after using the website by using the browser cookie removal process. Using a site is an agreement to generate cookies that are programmed to store a set of data.

Links on our Site:

As our site is also a source of knowledge about the packaging industry, there are external links that land to customers on other sites, The Custom Boxes is not responsible for the information collected by other sites. We are solely responsible for the data and information that is collected while using our site.

Just contact us for more details:

You can contact The Custom Boxes via email

support  or call us +44 20 3807-5348 and +44-20 7993-5955. Our office address is Level 17 Dashwood House 69 Old Broad Street London Ec2M 1QSEngland. We advised reading this page before every repeat or first order as we update this on regular basis.