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Rectangular Boxes

The Custom Boxes offers all kinds of rectangular boxes, basically, these are termed as rectangular because of their rectangular shape, the only difference between such boxes of the same shape is folding, structural design and tuck end. We provide full featured, extra dose, endlessly customized dispenser boxes, four corner tray boxes, reverse tuck end, seal end, straight tuck end and tuck end auto bottom boxes. All these boxes are similar in shape with little difference of opening. These rectangular shaped boxes can be for retail as well as wholesale products. In customization, you can get your own design print ready at your doorstep just within eight to ten business days.

Our Customization of Rectangular Boxes:

Get your desired design color, size, and material; cardboard, corrugated and Kraft all are available. From small size bead rectangular packaging boxes to large size briefcase, we deal in all kind of boxes. Your company information, products specifications, bar codes, expiry dates, logo, precautions and anything can be managed and place properly, only through customized and personalized boxes solutions. Our 4 step Order Procedure: Our 4 step simple and easy procedure helps all the customers in getting out of the ordinary packaging solutions with no difficulty. Get a quote, share your requirements, finalize the order and get your desired printed rectangular boxes. We also offer rush order shipping on demand, with additional charges.

Our Availability;

TheCustomBoxesUK is available 24/7; our expert and technical sales representatives provide full guidelines from scratch to finish. Similar looking boxes with the minor difference could be understood easily from our customer support. Our customer support team is well trained and skilled about boxes we advised to get help and make clear what you actually required. We have the options for physical and digital samples; ask for best samples for your products before order. A large variety of samples is also displayed here for your convenient.

Our Commitments:

The Custom Boxes, we deliver what we commit. Our quickest turn around period never compromises with the quality of your rectangular boxes. Our packaging engineers check every single box before delivery and make sure your requirements and boxes produced must be same. Once you finalized your specifications and requirements and approved the sample we sent your job for printing, this is the most important phase for us because we need to care about every single step just for satisfying your needs and deliver best of the best boxes to you. Remember once we sent any job for printing no cancellation or refund is possible.

Why should I order rectangular boxes?

Rectangular Boxes are handy and catchy, easily manageable with trays in and out opening. These secure the products inside and protect against several journeys of his life. Cushion material with corrugated material prevents the products from brittleness and increase the life cycle of the product. Attractive, appealing and out of the ordinary rectangular packaging not only boost your sales by directly communicating with the customer but also helps in building your brand. Retailer and Wholesalers both can jump start their business in order to stand out from competition by using next to impossible customized designs.