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Return and refund Policy

All the products and services The Custom Boxes-UK provides according to the client's queries and requirements.

Company site defects

If delivered boxes or products don't touch your threshold requirements, and not according to the digital proof and samples then it is your responsibility to inform us within three business days. You should inform us about any defectiveness within 3 days just after receiving the order. We do not offer charge back but re-print of the order is possible if and only if the fault in the product is proved on the company side. A defect in products and boxes will be determined the highly skilled team of The Custom Boxes-UK. For reprinting, a full order must be sent back to the company with proper documents of proofs within 7 days and photographs of defects at their own cost.

Clients side defects

If the product defect is proved on the client side and still clients wants charge back, just send us the full order a charge back will be provided after the deduction of the following.

1. Shipping cost by the company

2.  Products setup fee

3- Printing Cost

4- Billing Cost