Detail Description

Rigid gift boxes make sure that the products are protected from all external damaging factors. These are manufactured by using cardboard and bux board materials mostly that are known for their strength and durability. The added bonus is that these materials are also a safer option for the environment. These boxes can now be customized for a transformation in the outlook. A huge range of custom options is available with vendors all over the internet that can actually make a difference. These are budget-friendly options and can be managed on a minimum budget. Moreover, these also have applications in promoting a brand with the assistance of modern and innovative printing options. 

Readily Available Designing Consultation

If you are looking for rigid gift boxes in elegant designs and eye-catching displays, then The Custom Boxes UK  should be your automatic choice. We are known for having a team of creative and experienced designs that can serve your needs in the best possible manner. Our specialty is the provision of an extensive range of transformational features that can give a tempting look to the packaging solutions. The team we own is readily available for any kind of consultation and suggestions as far as optimization of a box is concerned. 

Moreover, if you have anything specific in your mind, you can share it with the team, and we will design the solutions as per your demands. All of our custom options are the best in quality and have the ability to make your products distinguished in the market. Suppose you want rigid gift boxes with lids; our team will not only provide these options but will also offer additional custom features. We will make sure that everything is kept up to the mark so that you may use such versatile boxes to make an impact on potential customers. 

Dynamic Printing & Premium Surface Finishing

These features can also be considered as an additional domain of the available custom options. We make sure that you get a chance to choose from the very best color combinations as per your requirements. We also give our customers an extensive range of luxury surface finishing options. For example, you can choose either one from a matte lamination, a vinyl sheet, or a gloss UV surface that adjusts well with the nature of your products. Similarly, if you want to die-cut designs on the boxes, our company offers one die-cut design for one order without asking for any price. However, if you want more than one die-cut design on the packaging, you will have to pay accordingly, but the amount will be quite reasonable as compared to market standards. 

Reliable & Cost-Effective Shipping

Protection of gift boxes during transportation from one place to another is the main concern for businessmen. We are fully aware of such issues, and we readily ensure that the order is delivered to your doorstep in the original condition without any degradation in the quality. Apart from it, we offer two types of delivery plans for our customers. The first one is the standard plan in which we offer delivery of the order in a maximum of 10-12 working days. The benefit attached to this plan is that it will cost you nothing. However, if you want the order to be delivered in an even shorter time (6-8 working days), you can go with our expedited delivery plan. Certain terms and conditions get applied to this plan, and you will have to pay a reasonable price accordingly. 

Modernized Printing Features

It has been noted that the printing and packaging industries complement each other in multiple different ways. Our company is fully aware of the fact that modern printing features hold noticeable significance in the market. Therefore, we have acquired the latest and state-of-art machinery to give you the best customer experience. We deal in a huge variety of printing options. The list includes:

  • Digital Printing
  • Offset Printing
  • Digital Printing
  • Flexography

All these types of printing are offered at the best prices without any compromise on the quality. In addition, we make sure to use CMYK and PMS colors only. It is guaranteed that the printed text and graphical representations will maintain their quality even during excessive exposure to sunlight. If you are convinced with these applications, you must waste no more time and get in touch with our printing department to know about more details. 

Get in a Limited Budget

The Custom Boxes UK  knows that people will prefer to go with the companies that are offering the best features at the best prices. Therefore, we offer all the above-mentioned services at a very pocket-friendly price. Our prices are reasonable as per the market standards, and we ensure that there will be no compromise on the products' quality. If we consider the standard shipping plan here, you will be able to manage the budget limits in an efficient manner. The added bonus is that we also deal in the wholesale business for packaging solutions. You can get connected with our sales team to know more about our rigid gift boxes wholesaleBuying in bulk is always suggested when you are running a large enough business. Even when we reduce the prices to a certain extent, you will not detect any degradation in the products' quality. 

Contact Us for More Queries

Our customer care professionals are at your disposal 24/7 so that none of your queries go unnoticed. You can contact us through your preferred mode of conversation. If you are busy and want to get in touch, later on, you can request a callback at the desired time. Moreover, you can directly get in touch with our team through email. Make sure you clear all the confusion from your mind before finalizing a deal. Our team is professional and knows how to satisfy the queries of the customers. If you are looking for a price estimation for a complete order, you can visit the official website and request a quote.

It does not matter whether you want grey gift boxes or packaging solutions with a matte surface; we will make sure to satisfy your needs. If you are convinced by the services and unique features that we offer, you need to contact us at the earliest. We ensure that you get the best shopping experience and feel inclined to buy from us again.