Term And Services

By entering our website or clicking on anything, you agree that we have all the rights on all the products, pictures, graphs, numbers, text and everything else. Any violence to this or portraying any of our products as yours would give us the authority to claim our copyrights.


You are responsible for all the data that you give to us. You agree that any data that you send to us will not include any third party’s property until you have not obtained official permission from them. You also agree that you will not send, receive or transmit any data or files, which are someone else’s property and violate any of the cyber rules.

We cannot be held responsible for the content being posted online by our users. If you find something inappropriate or offensive, this will not affect us in any way, as we do not take responsibility for all the content coming online.

You also agree that we have full rights to remove or modify any of your content being given online if it does not match our policies. We cannot be held responsible for any such acts. We might also save your data and disclose it to the officials if required. This disclosure can be necessary for any of our personal or business reasons.

It is your responsibility that you provide us with your official information without any mistakes and if you do not do that, we are not obligated to take your orders.

Everything coming online comes from real humans, and not robots or algorithms are involved in this.

To make some purchases and use some restricted parts of our website, you may be required to provide us with your email and password to log in. It is totally upon us, and we may require even more data before registering your account and giving you full rights on our website to visit all pages and avail all the opportunities and offers.

You are the only one responsible for your protected password, and if someone else gains access to it and does some activities with your account, then you shall be the only one to be held responsible for this.


After you have selected all your preferences and signed up with us, we will still not work on your order until we do not receive full payment from your side. The payment may include all the taxes, shipping and handling fees or charges. All of this has to be paid before we can start working on your whole order. The payment needs to be made by using a credit card or any other approved method of submitting money online.

If you have paid your fees and all the charges, you will need to provide us the proof as a hard copy print of the payment. This approval takes almost 4 hours. If you want to cancel the order or make any changes, you need to make them within a time limit of 4 hours. This cancellation of an order will cost you $25 and an additional 5% of the total order you were placing.

If you did not cancel the order within that time limit, you still have a chance to cancel your order within 24 hours. We do not guarantee that this cancellation will get approved, but if it does, you will have to pay 50% of the whole order to make up for the financial stress that has been put on the company already.


Taxes are charged to everyone living anywhere. If you have been exempted from the taxes by the government, you will need to show us the proof of it at the time of placing your order. After this, you will not be able to make any negotiations on the tax money you have paid.


The files that are being submitted to us need to be of at least 300 dpi. If they are not of that size, we will not be held responsible for any blurred images on the boxes and any misprinting.

Our technicians take the prints out first before moving on and printing them on all of the boxes. You will be the sole person held responsible for any wrong alignments or anything as such. We try to take full precautions against trying to ensure that your files are always safe, but, if they are lost at any time and if there are any problems, we shall not be held responsible for it.

We may refuse any orders that we want without defending it. It might seem inappropriate or illegal to us, and we do not compel on printing anything that you ask us to. We do not proceed with the inappropriate things printed on our boxes.


We send in all of the products to be approved by the customers before they are sent for printing. We must not be held responsible for any delays made by the customer while approving their designs and their final boxes.

You have to review all the colors and all the alignments before approving the order. If you make any mistakes and give us the order in any wrong alignment or the colors do not fit, we shall not be held responsible for any of it, and you will be the sole person responsible.


As you have already given us your designs and colors, we will try to make the same designs and the same kind of colors on your products, but there are some limitations to which we can deliver you the correct color or pattern. You agree with these limitations and will not hold us responsible for any of the color mixes.

The final result might not be exactly like you expected, but we will try our best to make it the best reflection of your work.


As this is practised all around the world, we believe in practising this too. We will make the products the exact amount, but there can be products more than needed. We will not be charging you any amount for the extra products being delivered, and there might be some short runs. You can expect the delivery to be 5% more or 5% less than ordered.


The production speed will depend upon the nature of the order you have placed. After you have approved the order and all the legal work has been done, we will then further move forward to the production phase. All of your products will then be made with special care and the time needed for it can vary from order to order.

While shipping the products and their delivery, you will be the one paying for all kinds of surcharges. You take on the responsibility to pay for all the customs and other things that might be charged to us for different reasons.

The time in shipment can vary too but you will be informed of the time it might be taking. You can expect the order a little earlier or a little too. Fixed time cannot be estimated or promised.

We do not take responsibility for the shipment phase and cannot be held responsible for any damage, loss or theft happening during the shipment. If anything as such happens, you cannot claim us for any refunds or anything like that. Once our products have left our place, they are your responsibility then, and you agree to it.


If you are not satisfied with the delivery that we have given you, you must inform us within 3 business days, and the products must not be harmed in any way. If you require full refunds and want to return the products, that will not be the case. But, if there is any mistake from our side and after confirming it, we will reprint your products for you and shall get them back to you. This might include one or more products, which were defective.

If it is not a mistake, which was made by us, then we shall not be held responsible for it, and we may refuse to take the order back and refund you all the money that you had paid for it.