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Get Customize CD Covers:

TheCustomBoxesUK offers rich quality fully customized CD covers across the United Kingdom. we are a leading brand in the UK that provides super-fast production and eight days turnaround period with full-color printing for all kinds of CD and DVD covers. Heavy-duty corrugated, cardboard and Kraft material production at your doorstep, we cover retail packaging of DVD as well as wholesale covers printing at affordable prices. Our standard printing packages contain jewel cases with inserts; customized CD sleeves, DVD cases, and eco wallets. For all CD covers, CD digipaks and CD boxes, we accept the lowest minimum quantity which is 100 covers. 

If you are the brand or going to publish your CDs or DVDs The Custom Boxes UK has endless customization offers, get your own design print-ready on Covers. Eight days turnaround with the finest quality is available for all CD covers, a single disc and 2 discs all options are available. 2 disc eco wallet and digipaks for 2 discs with barcode options, through the barcode you can track your sales in the inventory management system at retail stores. So we have complete solutions for your discs.

CD Covers Printing and Packaging:

Packaging can't be overlooked now, in order to stand out from the competition fully-featured personalized and branded packaging solutions are required. These out-of-the-ordinary packaging solutions not only help brands and companies to sell more on the other hand but actually attracts customers. Modern digital visual effects upon packaging create an innovation, customize printed CD covers not only protect CDs but also directly communicate with the customer and help in managing the shelves. Managed CDs in boxes helps in finding them easier for customers, retailers as well as wholesalers.

Custom Printed Music Boxes:

TheCustomBoxesUK has roots and a complete understanding of the music industry, we know the worth of CD boxes and covers for you. So we promise to every single customer to deliver the best of the best, adorable and catchy covers that are not only unique but make you visible everywhere. Our research and your requirements add an extra dose in boxes and let your identity shine everywhere.

Additional Benefits at no cost:

We have options of customizing CD covers for you with additional, exceptional and interconnected features. Full-color double-size printing, a variety of stock options say 280 GSM to 550 GSM cardboard, and rounded corner options with physical proofs are available.

Quick Turnaround:

With low minimums, only eight days turnaround period actually makes us different and exceptional. We deliver what we commit; the quick turnaround doesn't affect the quality of the product. Our skilled teams and engineers make sure every single CD is covered before delivery; all provided dimensions, colors, design and material quality tests in order to satisfy our customers.

In addition to the musician, we also deal with photographer, software engineers, filmmakers, pop singers, directors and any person who requires boxes or covers that looks like CD Covers. Attractive and catchy covers help in selling more and make their portfolio amazing.